The 9 Best Calendar Apps To Stay Organized

When you add comments to a calendar, they’ll also be added to the source sheet or report what the calendar references. Select this option if you want people to be able to attach files to Calendar App tasks. Select the sheet or report that contains the Smartsheet data you want to display. Work the Way You Want – Create, update, and discuss events directly from the Calendar Application. Changes made in the Calendar Application immediately update your underlying Smartsheet data.

When was the last time you forgot to finish a task or the time of the meeting that you said you’d attend slipped your mind? It’s no longer enough to just rely on memory, notebooks, or planners to stay on top of our increasingly busy lives. Teams can plan their day in seconds with’s calendar app. Use this helpful application to focus on meaningful action items that will deliver on your goals.’s dashboard consists of your to-do list, planner, and calendar, allowing you to plan while staying on top of your daily agenda. Drag and drop tasks into your schedule to produce an efficient daily plan..

A Comprehensive Guide To Build A Calendar App

With a proper productivity system, nothing ever slips through the cracks. In just one hour, you’ll learn how to set up your to-do list, calendar, note-taking system, file management, and more — the smart way. Plus, the app’s natural language processing lets you enter events just by talking into your phone.

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Why not design a personalized calendar and a photo collage for yourself? With our collection of calendar templates and easy editing tools, you’ll have a perfectly designed, personal calendar in less than a minute. Our calendar options allow you to customize your calendar to include date ranges from 2021 to 9998. You can also convert any photo into wallpaper and create a monthly calendar.

Best Calendar Apps Of 2022

You also need to make sure that the popup item does not appear when the user deletes an event. Allows you to add the features you need to build an application that works on multiple devices, and integrates effectively with other applications and systems. These platforms minimize manual coding, speed up development, and reduce an IT department’s workload. Morgen has task management features and the option to import tasks from apps via Zapier. If you use Calendly with Morgen, a Zapier automation can create and update a task on your Morgen calendar when someone makes or cancels an event on your Calendly.

  • Timepage incorporates the same minimalist visual elements you may be familiar with from Moleskine notebooks.
  • Finally, the right calendar app for you should work on your favorite devices.
  • The first way is that while the app sends you notifications, it also has reminders for you for what is coming up next.
  • The calendar offers several views, including a summary of everything on your schedule for a single day and a search function with time filters and preset event categories.
  • Not only does this calendar keep you on task, but it also helps you to be more prepared and productive for each event.

An in-app calendar increases the functionality of the app and serves a better user experience. The calendars can have good filings, different interfaces, and good designs. There are a lot of libraries on GitHub that can be used for calendar app development. Let’s now take a look at the main profit this solution brings as well as business domains where the in-app calendar is a beneficial and integral tool, and how it is used. Besides, we’ll go through the basic features to implement in the calendar app or integrate to the solution of another industry.

Sure, Google Calendar offers some basic appointment scheduling, but Calendar’s version is easier to use in many ways. The users are allowed to pick the dates to book a slot through the online calendar. For example, WizzAir, one of the top airlines in Europe and England, suggests available dates after they select the destination.

4 1 How To Add Functionality Using Popup Components

You can also customize the app with an array of color themes and connect it to your other calendars as well. You can create an event, specify its details, make it recur, and add attendees. You can also share your calendars with others so that they can go through your schedule and request a meeting for a mutually convenient time. You can share your calendar with your team members, so everyone can be on the same page. Set up meetings and other team events within your calendar. You can also add reminders that will notify you and your team so events can run smoothly.

There are hundreds of calendar app options in the Apple app store alone. That doesn’t include options for other devices or tools that offer more than a calendar, either. Select this option so others can add comments to tasks within the Calendar App. This setting is enabled by default when you create a new calendar. Anyone on a plan with the Calendar App can create and own calendars.

build a calendar app

31Events APIlets you send invitations, get reports on events and integrate with other applications. To attract more users, you have to integrate advanced features for a better user experience. Well, we should leverage various tools and technologies to offer a scalable solution.

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In this case, we’ll want the calendar to display the calendar events data type you’ve created. We’ll also add an additional constraint to display only the events created by the current user. Throughout this guide, we’ll cover how to build your own calendar build a calendar app application – like Google Calendar. Our step-by-step instructions will make it easy for you to follow along and build your own unique app from scratch. With this calendar application, you can synchronize all your calendars and view them in different ways.

build a calendar app

With its appealing design, easy navigation, and great functionality, it is one of the most popular calendar apps in our list. What sets Fantastical apart from Apple Calendar is the attractive and easy-to-use interface that allows its users to create events and manage their schedules effortlessly. Fantastical also allows you to set up a to-do list, which is a missing feature in an Apple Calendar.

Advanced Functionality

Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram use a calendar to schedule posts of events. If you work as a part-time professional with limited office hours to book meetings in a day, an online calendar is ideal for you. Take particular timings of a day and share them with others through a private calendar link. This is how others can click on the link to attend a meeting with you. Schedule your tasks and include them in the calendar events. This proves to be a time-saver as it reduces the requirement for forth and back among team members.

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For more information, see Section 15.5, „Customizing the Toolbar.“ Calendar apps are playing a lead role in powering up the student’s life by allowing them to schedule lectures, submissions, courses, exam dates, etc. Phaedra built a calendar app within their healthcare app specifically for scheduling/ appointment booking. Time transparency is acquired where patients can easily see the availability of the doctors by looking into their appointment calendars.

Configuring Your Database

Figure 15-5 shows a calendar in list view with the listType set to dayCount and the listCount value set to 7. A calendar activity represents an object on the calendar, and usually spans a certain period of time. The CalendarActivity class is an abstract class whose methods you can implement to return information about the specific activities. In this blog post, we will dig out all the features, tech stack and costing you need to consider while thinking ‘how to start a streaming service like Netflix’. Preparing a prototype helps in understanding what sort of features you want in an app.

In this case, Bubble is free to build your product and costs only $25 per month once you’re ready to launch on a custom domain. Some templates and plugins may cost more, but you can build all the functionality of an event platform without any additional costs. Using another popup element, we’ll build a feature that allows users to view the details of an event, as well as make changes to any of its data fields.

Maybe the most potential functionality that online calendars presently offer is utilizing the natural language for adding and editing calendar entries. Scheduling applications like Voice Calendar and Calendar have executed this feature successfully. For scheduling home tasks, lectures, and Q & A sessions, an online calendar is accessed differently.

They’re part of MZLA Technologies Corporation — a subsidiary of Mozilla Foundation, the company that created the Firefox open-source web browser. is available across all popular devices and pro plans start at $5.99 a month. Topic Calendar View Calendar View is one of the four ways to view your sheet and provides an interactive and easily customizable view of your work on a calendar.

For more information about creating managed beans, see Section 2.6, „Creating and Using Managed Beans.“ The CalendarProvider class represents the owner of an activity. A provider can be either enabled or disabled for a calendar. Please use, generate link and share the link here.

I even managed to show up a few minutes late to one of the biggest interviews of my life. I had to find a solution or solutions that would work for me and my busy life, especially now that 2022 brings a faster pace to business. Teamup offers shared calendars for groups to simplify organization, scheduling and communication. Teamup also offers a live demo and a three-day trial, so you can see for yourself if this app is a good fit for your team.

As you navigate to a different date, all your plans for that particular day are listed below, making it easy to access and add an event to your schedule. You can add participants to the event through their email and set up notifications or alarm reminders. With SavvyCal, you and your team will be able to find the best time for scheduling calls and meeting appointments. This scheduling tool helps you save time and have more effective workdays.

Design a calendar with your favorite photos and our collection of amazing calendar templates. Follow our publication to see more product & design stories featured by the Journal team. This story is published in Noteworthy, where thousands come every day to learn about the people & ideas shaping the products we love. We’ve done surveys and collected a ton of data to build the foundation, but Ellie is made to fix this problem for everyone. FX Calendar API incorporates the data concerning the upcoming financial events.

Instead, the best calendar apps give users options to make the tool work for their specific needs. It’s helpful to customize the look and feel of the calendar app and define when you’re available for meetings. Therefore, Google has created comprehensive documentation on how to implement Calendar into your app. Using Google API, you can integrate a calendar with both mobiles and web applications. You can create events and reminders, send meeting requests, and view multiple calendars at once. Google Calendar is an excellent cross-platform calendar app.

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